Who we are:

A Client-Centered Business

  • The firm was founded by successful professionals who left larger institutions to put clients’ interests first

  • Our objective is completely aligned with our clients: to grow their wealth

  • Simple/transparent: we are paid solely based on assets under management (AUM)

  • Most of our client relationships span decades

  • Emphasis on a carefully personalized approach to each client’s objectives rather than one-size-fits-all

As fiduciaries, we manage our clients' wealth in their best interests, rather than what might be deemed 'suitable' by a broker. Each day we come to work believing we can improve the financial lives of our clients and help them sleep better at night. 

Our firm is comprised of highly educated professionals with backgrounds in security analysis and researching individual businesses. Research work is done in-house with no reliance on Wall Street reports—our focus is on building wealth over the long-term, not trading or speculating for the short-term.

Who we should not be confused with:

  • Custodians with physical possession of client money and securities

  • Brokers receiving compensation based on transactions or product sales

  • Insurance agents selling products with less liquidity and high fee structures

  • A mutual fund where one size fits all and turnover and taxes can be high

  • Wealth advisers who outsource investment decisions to third party managers